All Saints Lutheran School was adopted as part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools on 1st September 2010 strategically located in the heart of Anyaa. In an area with families predominantly engaged in buoyant trade and artisanry, the majority of students walk to school from neighbouring communities with colleagues or parents, laughing heartily or talking animatedly as they share their excitement and joy for learning. Teachers, devoted to their craft and filled with passion and enthusiasm smile and hug students, welcoming them to another important day at ALL SAINTS LUTHERAN SCHOOL!


The Pre-School is made up of four classes: Kindergarten one and two, Nursery one and two. All lessons for the Pre- School take place in the Church Hall, with demarcations to separate each class. The total number of Preschoolers is a healthy 46, with the majority in kindergarten.


The Primary School Department has six classes in a block constructed by Compassion Ghana (an NGO that partners with churches around the country to support them by providing Ghanaian children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be.) link?. These classes have cemented floors and wooden tables. The total number of students in the Primary is a round number of 50.